What is PANVOYA?

Banner3_Enjoy_Summer_VacationPANVOYA is a place where everyone has the opportunity to “Vacation More”, while paying much lower prices than they ever dreamed of. PANVOYA Luxury Lifestyle Customers have access to a great variety of exclusive Getaways at rates that are up to 40% off the best prices you can find on the internet. And with PANVOYA Travel Search, our customers have access to dozens of travel suppliers offering tens of thousands of cruise, hotels, vacation packages, and escorted tours worldwide at savings of up to 10% off the best online price.


What makes PANVOYA different?


The answer is simple… Almost everything! The PANVOYA Luxury Lifestyle Package is priced to be affordable for everyone! From Getaways to Travel Search, and of course, the amazing Resort Access Program, the Luxury Lifestyle Package has been designed to deliver the best possible value. PANVOYA Getaways are “date flexible” exclusive offers that save our customers up to 40% off even the best online prices. PANVOYA Travel Search saves our customers up to 10% on any cruise, vacation package, or escorted tour to virtually any destination in the world.

PANVOYA Resort Access delivers the most significant value available to avid travelers everywhere by enabling them to enjoy over 4,500 resorts in over 100 countries around the world at prices that start at only $199 per week. PANVOYA Luxury Lifestyle Customers truly have a world of travel savings at their fingertips.